• Include dual scripting languages: C/C++ and Python
  • The embedded scripting languages can access internal database directly
  • Python scripts can use powerful NumPy library to perform matrix manipulations
  • Python scripts can use SciPy library to perform advanced statistical analysis
  • Python scripts can use Matplotlib library to produce sophisticate plots and charts    
  • The script editor that can automatically highlight keywords and debug syntax errors

GPS Tools

  • Include GPS tools that are designed specifically for travel time and speed analysis. Features include: real time data collection using floating car, data point trimming, data point matching, path playback and editing, reporting summary data by link or by street segment, reporting LOS result from single run or averaged result from multiple runs
  • Travel time, speed and delay can be stored directly into link and node fields for model calibration
  • Include options for plotting GPS speed data in various colors, symbols, and travel time contours


  • Easy to produce multi-layer GIS plots
  • Include link bandwidth plots showing both numeric and text data. The color and width can be associated with two different data fields to show multi-color bandwidths
  • Include link multi-stack bandwidth plots with three link data
  • Include link thematic plots based on link values with 16 intervals
  • Include node plots showing attributes in proportional circles and bars
  • Include node thematic plots based on node values with 16 intervals
  • Include zone thematic plots based on zone values with 16 intervals
  • Include pie-chart plots up to 5 variables for zone, node and point attributes
  • Include bar-chart plots up to 5 variables for zone, node and point attributes
  • Include highway path plots: one-to-one, one-to-many, or many-to-many, with options to show contours by increment
  • Include transit path plots between any stops, with lines and transfer nodes highlighted
  • Include matrix plots by desireline, total at origin zone and destination zone
  • Include tools for annotating plots with symbols, text, images, and metafiles
  • Include options to design custom print layouts with multiple windows
  • Include options to plot turn lane geometry and turn volumes on base network
  • Include options to produce 3D plots using powerful OpenGL languages


  • Includes a project database management system that is robust and crash proof
  • Can manage 999 network scenarios in a project and perform easily on all aspects of scenario opperations, including: create new scenarios, delete scenarios, duplicate scenarios and re-size scenarios
  • Can manage 999 matricies in a project and perform easily on all aspects of matrix opperations, including: create new matricies, delete matricies, rename matricies, re-size matricies, import and export, and create matrix histograms
  • Can manage 255 data fields in a table. The date fields can contain numeric or text data. The mumeric data is stored as 8-byte double precision values.
  • All tables can be exported to DBF and CSV files, and vice versa
  • Can export to Excel directly


  • Import Emme databank and batchout files, including: highway network, transit network, matrix (MF, MO, MD, MS & MG) and turn penalty
  • Include options to export network and matrix to Emme compatible files
  • Can export network editing transcripts to Emme format

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