Feature Highlights

UfosNet™ is a Windows based travel demand modeling system with integrated GIS and GPS technologies, which is designed to empower transportation planners with powerful tools for wide range of travel demand forecasting and simulation analyses.

UfosNet features include:

  • Feature rich modeling tools for complete 4-step highway and transit travel demand forecasting
  • Fast user equilibrium highway assignment and multipath transit assignment
  • HCM based node delay highway assignment
  • Python enabled scripting and charting
  • Model estimation with multiple regression tools
  • Easy GIS tools which support shapefile imports and exports
  • Integrated GPS tools with capabilities of vehicle tracking, data editing and reporting, which is designed specifically for travel time/speed analysis
  • Powerful network and matrix calculators
  • Extensive graphic editing and plotting capabilities for producing professional presentations
  • Multi-scenario and scalable database which supports projects of any sizes
  • Written in robust C/C++ code for fast computing
  • Support multi-threading in highway and transit assignments
  • Detailed user manual with unlimited technical support
  • Free trial version available



Trip Generation

  • Include two regression based trip generation templates (NCHRP 187 & 365) that enable you to perform quick response calculation
  • Include sample scripts for performing cross-class based trip generation
  • Include template for converting PA table to OD table
  • Include template for balancing PA table

Trip Distribution

  • Include options for calculating intra-zonal travel time based on the average times to all adjacent zones
  • Include tools for formulating friction factors using Gamma functions and producing professional graphs
  • Include Gravity model templates that enable you to perform trip distribution quickly.
  • Include option to generate scripts automatically from dialog box

Mode Choice

  • Include multinominal modal choice templates (NCHRP 365) that enable you to perform mode choice calculations quickly
  • Automatically generate matrix manipulation scripts from dialog box
  • Include templates for park-and-ride lot choice calculation based highway and transit skims

Trip Assignment

 Highway Assignment

  • Include all-or-nothing, incremental, and user equilibrium assignment methods
  • Include fast tree and vine path builder algorithms
  • Include multiclass assignment, up to 36 modes
  • Include node delay based assignment, using HCM method
  • Include BPR and Conical volume delay functions. User can also define custom functions using link vairables in full qualified expressions.
  • Calculate relative gap values for a high precision convergence in user equilibrium assignments
  • Include select zone analysis, up to 99 zone groups. Individual select zone volumes can be saved separately.
  • Include select link analysis, up to 99 link groups. Individual select link volumes can be saved separately. Select zone analysis and select link analysis can be performed together.
  • Include subarea analysis to produce OD matricies for trips transversing thru cordon links.
  • Include options to perform generazied cost assignment according to value of time and tolls..
  • Include options to save travel distance and toll matrces
  • Include options to save link columes that are constrained by the trip lengths
  • Support multi-threaded trip assignment on multi-core computers. Up to 8 zones can be assigned simultaneously for a speedy run time.
  • Automatically generate assignment scripts for batch processing
  • Include options to perform multi-point assignment with share factor for each inbound and outbound connector.
  • Include options to perform node-to-node assignment
  • Include options to perform additional OD analysis based on slave assignments

Transit Assignment

  • Include all-or-nothing and incremental capacity sensitive assignment methods
  • Fast vine based algorithm
  • Include editor for defining transit time functions (TTF) using free form expressions
  • Include weighting factors for walk, wait, and bording times
  • Include options to save travel time skims by element: initial access, initial wai, transfer access, transfer wait, in-vehicle, and total
  • Include options to save matricies of total boarding time and number of boardings
  • Include options for performing select zone, select line. select mode, and select segment analysis
  • Include options for park-and-ride analysis
  • Include options for performing mode pentaly and mode transfer analysis
  • Include options for calculating fare matrix
  • Include options to save OD trips traversing between transit stations
  • Include options to save turning movements at transit stations
  • Include options to output transit paths between origin and destination zones
  • Automatically generate assignment scripts for batch processing