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Version 8.6.1 - 06/01/2014

- general bug fixes

- New Sentinel driver for 64-bit Win 7/8 machines

Integrating GPS technologies with travel demand model is an innovative solution in UfosNet. First, GPS is an efficient and accurate tool for measuring travel speed and time on a roadway network. Second, using GIS based network as readily available in many travel demand model, is an effective way to analyze and report GPS data. Last and most important, the travel speed and time data can be directly used to calibrate a model and to enhance its accuracy. UfosNet provides an extensive set of tools to facilitate GPS based travel time/speed studies, such as, real time vehicle tracking, data trimming and editing, speed/time reporting by links or street segments and many import/export options.

UfosNet was designed from the ground up to be user friendly with many existing GIS systems, and it employs many advanced GIS technologies to ensure connectivity and directionality for efficient network modeling. In UfosNet, it is easy to build linkages between link based networks that are optimized for the path searching, and arc based networks that are optimized for producing geographically correct plots. UfosNet includes vast array of tools to enable users to develop various GIS applications, such as, boundary editing, polygon calculation, coordinates translation, import and export shapefiles, etc.

UfosNet is a travel demand modeling system which can be used to develop travel demand forecasting for transportation planners and engineers. UfosNet extends the traditional 4-step modeling framework with integrated LOS capacity analysis for the signalized intersections. It also includes the GIS and GPS technologies to empower modelers with easy-to-use tools to produce professional presentations and conducting travel time analysis.

"UFOS" is an acronym which stands for Urban Form Optimization System, a brainchild of Dr. Robert S. Tung. He saw the need to develop an easy-to-use travel demand modeling system to better understand the complex interactions between land use and transportation elements in an urban environment.

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