since 1991


RST International is a technology oriented consulting firm specializing in travel demand model development, traffic simulations, activity-based models, GIS & GPS in Transportation applications, and transportation related information technologies. RST was founded in 1991 by Dr. Robert S. Tung with the philosophy of providing clients with state-of-the-art planning technologies which are innovative and cost-effective in solving transportation related technical issues.

RST is also the developer and publisher of two software products: UfosNet™ and DynuStudio™. UfosNet(Urban Form Optimization System Network) is a travel demand modeling system for multi-modal transportation and traffic planning. DynuStudio(Dynamic Urban Network Simulation System)  is a dynamic traffic assignment modeling system built upon DynusT mesoscopic DTA engine. 

Our research and development interests include:

  Four-step travel demand model development
   Activity-based travel demand model development
   Dynamic traffic assignments (DTA)
   Geographic Information System (GIS)
   GPS based travel time data analysis
   Big data based traffic analysis 
   Transportation software development and applications
   Traffic and highway capacity analysis
   Traffic impact fee and concurrency system development

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